Do you ever wonder what’s actually in most store-bought sausages? We do and we know. As meat experts, we can tell you that not all sausages are created equally. At Meat District, we don’t use all of the hog’s bits & pieces, trimmings & miscellaneous parts in our sausages. We only use all-natural pork exclusively harvested in the USA that is born & raised crate-free without being restrained in gestation enclosures. Our pork has never ever been given antibiotics and has never been administered any added growth hormones. Our sausages are made by grinding 100% pork shoulder picnics with a variety of spices & seasonings to give our sausage tons of flavor. This is a better sausage, arguably the best sausage because you deserve better. We all deserve better.

And by the way, our sausage has 50% less sodium than traditional bulk sausage. Our sausage is lower in fat and leaner than traditional bulk sausage. And they are made with no high fructose corn syrup, no corn solids, no nitrites, no nitrates, and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Don’t be fooled by those other brands on store shelves. If it doesn’t say Meat District it’s not worth buying.

Available in five (5) inspired flavors: Original, Hot, Chorizo, Maple & Sage. Get yours today.